Monday, June 28, 2010

First day of School

The long summer vacation has finally over and students are starting to get busy for school. Some are still having the vacation hang over but some are excited to go to school once again.

Taken on the first day of his school with his lunch box.

My younger brother, who used to play and hang around with playmates during vacation, is very excited to go back to school once again on the first day of classes. He tries to sleep early but later he told me that he could hardly sleep because of too much excitement. This is very common to students who like what they are doing. Going to school is not a burden or just a mare routine activity but has to do more than material things that a person possesses. Education is the only thing that no one could take out from you. This is the very important treasure that most parents could hand down to their children.

I have taken some pictures of my baby brother inside their classroom.