Sunday, June 20, 2010

Setting the Priorities

My brother Paolo has been addicted to online computer games for more than 2 years. And this year’s grading period, he got the lowest grades ever for his entire life in school. My parents were very disappointed on his performance because all of his major subjects like Math, Science, English and Civics have just got the lowest grades ever. Due to the successive of playing computer games, he never realized that he misses some of his important priorities on his life-like his studies. He even forgot to ask any help from us regarding his academic problems.

Just recently, my mom decided to hire someone who could tutor him and help him give the Math answers for his math related problems. He really needs somebody who could help him coup up with the lessons he misses for the past months. Mother tries to help and give the best in order for him to pass the subjects to continue college. Giving the best precalculus help is what mother thinks he might also need during this period.

My nephew, who is in college, had the same problem with my brother also. He just recently found out that he has started to become addicted with computer games. Mother told him to set his priorities first. Mother then recommends Jez to find someone who could help him on his academic concerns especially the College algebra problems. I am sure that he will be needing calculus help on his third year in college.

There are many things in which most students are having a hard time dealing with. There are possible obstacles in which they must overcome. The only thing that differs here is that how the person deals with the obstacles and setting the priorities in life in order to achieve the success of their desires.