Saturday, December 26, 2009

College Life

I have a niece who is a senior student now in college taking up nursing. She used to be one of the finest and popular students in her nursing school department. Lately, before the Christmas break we never seen her on our family gatherings because she was busy on her studies and doing her hospital on-the-job training as well.

When my niece’s school year started, their newly elected school director bought new lockers for the students. The goal of the school this year is to promote the importance of a locker for the student’s convenience. It was then a good year for my niece and her batch mates for having their new school lockers for their stuff. As senior nursing students, they used to bring all their hospital training stuffs and books in the morning to refrain delays from their hospital duties at night. So my niece had decided to rent school locker so that she could leave her books while she was on her duty.

I remembered during my College years, I was once a varsity player for Taekwondo. I used to have a gym locker in school. Before I rented my locker, I usually brought home my Taekwondo gears and my school things at the same time. It was a big hustle to my part especially bringing all those stuff everyday. As the school athletes, we were required to rent gym lockers for our convenient in coming to our different classes. It was then I realized how important locker was to me in school; especially if I have many things to carry with me everyday.


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