Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Season

Have you been to shopping malls nowadays? Have you observe how people spent money for shopping these days?
Holiday season is fast approaching; people are busy shopping to buy presents for their love ones. Most of the shopping malls are giving big discounts, freebies, entertainments, fireworks displays to attract more people this season.

Today we went to mall to buy gifts for our godchildren. We wondered why there were many people, cars and barricades have been up outside the mall to maintain the traffic flows of the cars. Wow! It’s the launching day of the mall’s “Big Sale Discounts”. A huge crowd of people is expected inside not just to avail the discounts but to watch a mini-concert performed by some local bands and celebrities as well. The mall had organized such event to entertain their customers while some were busy shopping. A crowd control has also been set up upon entering the entrance way of the mall to avoid inconvenience to the customers.

We never seem exhausted looking for what we need today. The mall’s organizers were successfully done their part to control all the people inside. The concerts’ crowd didn’t distract the shoppers with the help of stanchions and velvet ropes.