Thursday, December 31, 2009

A tradition before the year ends

In the Philippines, it is our tradition that during the night before Christmas and the night before the year ends, families will gather for Media Noche or Midnight meal. Today is the last day of the year 2009 and people are busy buying and preparing for their midnight meal. Yesterday is my busiest day baking all the orders and today is my schedule for the delivery. The usual thing I used to do during this season is taking orders from friends for my cakes and pastries business.

After taking my breakfast this morning, I went to my sister’s house to deliver some of her orders. As I am about to leave her house, she noticed that I am stressed and looked tired. She then asks me to try her new massage chair. Her husband just bought the massage chair and massage stools as his Christmas present for his wife and children. I am worried about my unfinished deliveries but somehow I need a massage that would not last long. At first I felt awkward sitting on the chair but later I felt the relaxing effects. I told myself. Wow! I deserved this for awhile.

When my sister saw me enjoying the massage chair, she then suggested me to have one. She told me buy the portable massage chair so that I could bring it anywhere I go.