Monday, July 14, 2008

A Travel To Bukidnon Province

Traveling to Bukidnon is one of the greatest experiences I had in terms to scenic views, natures, traditions and cultures. From this travel, I had seen how God created our natures naturally beautiful. Seeing many people at different tribes, dialect and traditions were the best thing we encountered. According to them, the word BUKIDNONS means mountain people.
There were many attraction found along the way. The Del Monte Pineapple Plantation- there you can see the vast tracts of land at different stages of crop production. Mangima Canyon –of Manolo Fortich has a zigzag road winding up and down. Pines View Park- found at the back of the Provincial Capitol of Malaybalay City. A natural park abounds in pine trees and camping site. Matin-ao Spring and Nasuli Spring found along the way. South part of Malaybalay City is Valencia City. Between Valencia and Maramag found Central Mindanao University –an agricultural school is located at the feet of Musuan Peak.
During the travel, we never experienced exhaustion upon seeing the wonders of natures.