Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Meaning of kisses and affections

Do you believe in first kiss?
....... first love?

hmmmm... let me see...

kissing on the nose - your cute
kissing on the hand - friendship
kissing on the neck - I want you
kissing on the check - I need you
kissing on the lips - I love you
kissing with the eyes close - I am in love with you

Thinking of you often - I care for you
Holding hands - I like you
Putting head on your shoulder - Comfort me
Looking eye to eye - Do you love me?
Playing with your hair - I adore you
Dreaming of you always - I can't live without you
Bitting your own lips - I want to go with you
Stepping your toes - I hate you
Wearing his/her ring - You are mine forever

But STOLEN KISS is the sweetest of all...