Friday, July 25, 2008

A Dog as a Pet

At the age of 6, I had a traumatic experienced with dog, when my bestfriend died because of rabies. We were both too little that time and the usual thing we did was going out to play at our neighbor’s houses. Until one day, we happened to visit the house of a friend who has plenty of dogs. Unexpectedly, a dog came out from his house and bitten my best friend. She pushed me away. She cried, I thought she was just afraid of the dog’s bark, but because she was bitten also. After few days, I was wondering why my best friend wasn’t come by to play with me. A friend came and told me that my playmate died because of rabies. I felt guilty of what happen because we never told our parents about it. Even my sisters and brother doesn’t know about it because we were afraid of telling them. Since then, I hate dogs and never expect to have it as a pet either.
Until last April 2006, a cousin gave me a Dalmatian Puppy. The puppy was so adorable, cute and I had no reason not to like him. Every time he saw me; he wiggled his tail and wanted me to carry him. I named him Quer-Quer, name after the main actor of Love of the Condor Heroes, a Korean Love Movie.
I had Quer-quer for more than a year before I left him to accompany my Auntie to Quezon City for more than 2 months. He was being taking cared by my little brother, niece and nephew until one day, someone took him away and never come back until now. I was very sad upon hearing the news of losing him. Until then, I never found a pet as lovely as Quer-quer.