Thursday, August 21, 2014

Auto Mechanic Course TESDA

It has been four Saturdays already since I have started studying auto mechanic. The experience is really new since I have no single idea about repairing car engines. The environment is new and I can see how serious all my classmate in learning this kind of skills.  Maybe because many of my classmates have been already in mid 30's and have their own family.   For four sessions we already take how to tune up a four stroke engine.  We also take sequence of appearance of the bell housing peep hole and sequence of value adjustment as firing order.  Last Sunday we were invited to visit our teacher home to see and observed how he will repair multi-cab engine.   It is a great experience as we able to assist our teacher in dis-assembling the engine.  I can see that it is not easy to be a mechanic as you manually remove the screw of the engine.  Back pain and shoulder pain are present in just three hours of assisting my teacher.  This kind of job is really not easy, hopefully I will be well in this course and will be useful for finding a good job in the future.  I am excited about what will I learn in next class sessions.