Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Many teens today has been into computer games. They prefer to play Computer games than playing sports.  These causes an impact to unhealthy life and increase a percentage of obesity among children.   Gadgets has been in high demand and growing every year.  Like Dota 2 it has been famous around the world.  Some in Asian countries, it has been the reason when kids stop schooling because of addiction to this kind of games.  It also has been the reason where teens suffer from neck pain and back pain because of poor posture while playing PC games.  In some Asian Country Gamers has been considered a career already for international competition.   Lucky for them, they have the support of their own Country.  A good example for this is the latest grand champion of Dota 2 international 2014 Newbee.  Winning five million dollars is very cool for just a game.  It is nice that you able to play, enjoy and earn money at the same time.  This is the reason big percentage of teens play this game dreaming to be a champion someday.