Thursday, May 1, 2014

Old Beliefs

In every Asian country, there always beliefs that always spread and teach by grandparents to their grandson and daughter that sometimes is not true anymore.  Like here in the Philippines there is plenty of beliefs you can hear that is passed on through generation.  From morning to night they have plenty of beliefs that still follow by many families nowadays.  One of the most famous beliefs here is when there's a pregnant woman in the house visitors are not allowed to stay in the door and should enter for the benefits of pregnant women.   
This is just one example of the belief that science would not agree because of no connection at all in the house and inside the womb of the mother.  As we enter the higher and modern technology old beliefs still exist in Asian countries.  Thanks to technology now a days our life become easier than before.  There is also called colonic irrigation today that could check what is happening inside our colon if it is healthy or not.