Thursday, September 11, 2014

Lazy Week

It has been days of gloomy skies or up to a rainy day that we had experienced lately. A cold days that made me lazy about doing the chores or my daily routine at home. I only love watching movies or just sitting in front of my computer to play online games. I felt so weak to do some other works aside from playing games, sleeping or watching tv. This is not my usual habit. This should be stopped before it becomes a habitual. 

This laziness, I felt led me to sickly and easily gets tired. No more exercise or less in motions only lead me to be more sleepy and always tired. And the cold weather attributes more of my lazy feelings. Hmm… this must be stopped before I become lazy all the way. This is not a good habit to a healthy lifestyle. I even had body aches and neck pain from sleeping in a longer period of time.

I am in my normal thinking, but why did I allow such laziness to knock me down for almost a week. I must say that this kind of bad habit can only shorten your life. It will only lead you to unhealthy. Thank God that my hubby did not condemn my weaknesses. He even encourages and supports me all the way. He then let me choose to live happy and healthy with our family.