Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Back Yard Auto Mechanic Shop

I have been practicing and implementing the things I have learned in my Auto Mechanic class.  It is really good you are able to apply the things you learn to master the skills you have learned.  Actual is better than theory.   Assembling and dis-assembling engine is the best way to familiarize the parts and able to memorize the process of overhauling the engine.  It is not easy, especially in a backyard shop it is not designed for the comfortability of the mechanic.   You have to adjust to his environment to finish the job.  Hip pain, muscle pain and hot temperature can affect the body performance.  Many mechanic experience muscle pain after long hours of working.  Like my brother in law, experience nerve pain in his back after overhauling two cars.  Hopefully I will improve my skills and become good mechanic.