Saturday, August 20, 2011

Water Well or Tubig Balon

Have you ever seen a water well in an urban areas? Probably not! It might have some but not for drinking water. I had been raised in a rural place before for more than 10 years and later transfered in the city. It was 20 years had passed at my birth place which I used to see many people owned a well for drinking and other stuff. Even my own family owned one before. We used it for watering our plants and washing clothes but not our source of drinking water.

Early this year, I had the chance to visit my old place. Wow! More houses and more subdivisions were being constructed. One thing I had noticed was that I never seen water well anywhere I go. Not seen even a single well during my 3 days of stayed in the place. I am just wondering why people doesn't like to use it until now. Does it dries up or filling it up in purpose?

I have here some photos taken at the place of my Aunt during our visit in her place. This is the only town which I had the chance to see a well during a visit. We could hardly seen such a well like this anywhere. I am glad to find one.