Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Deep Well or Puso

Last weekend, we went to visit the place of my grandmother and some relatives in a province. I am glad to be reunited with them for a long time. The place of my grandmother was celebrating their annual fiesta. What a timing of our visit! We went there not just to celebrate with them but to meet them as well. I used to go there with my other siblings during our summer vacation way back on our younger years.

I am amazed that the place wasn't bad as I thought. One thing that I could still remember is that the place is still well-known of its nice deep well. It serves as their source of water before. One of my Aunties has a deep well at the side of her house. It serves as their source of water for washing clothes, watering their plants and for their drinking water. Nowadays, you could hardly see deep well anywhere because most people are using the conventional water system provided by the government as the source of household water. A deep well needs a continuous flowing water to maintain the water supply in a well. Most deep well are treated for potable water in a community. I have here some of the photos taken.