Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Memories in College life

Have you tried having problems about your lesson during college years? College years are more difficult than high school. A lifetime career needs a wise decision. Now that I am working, I really miss my life during college days. I miss my life when I get pressured studying for exams or doing some projects, assignments and research.

My life at College was not that very satisfactory. If I may be able to go back those old college days, I will make sure to balance everything to make it more enjoyable, pleasant and finer. But there are some events in my life during college that I wish things have done better. One of it was my algebra subject. I really hate numbers especially doing some problem solving.

Math questions and finding prime numbers are the most problem to my part. Those are one that gives me so many headaches that results my laziness in studies. There are things in college that I truly miss a lot, my classmates, friends and best friends. Having great times with friends and even being there with you during hardships left us great memories.

One of my best friends in College was a Mathematician and so he extended his knowledge to us. I took up Biology to get rid Mathematics on my subjects, so I was a bit lucky that I don’t need his Chemistry help and Physics help, unlike with some of my friends did. My college life is not that good enough. I bet it would be better if I have been in a good school during my high school years. Good foundation of school is really important in learning.