Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Collector of Valuable Things

Do you have something favorite in which you are fond of collecting with?
This is one of my obsessions now but I make sure not to spend much on it. Since I was 8 years old, I started collecting small antiques, hats, shoes, bags and lately I am collecting gold spot coins. My interest of collecting coins started when my grandmother handed me her antique price of gold coin. I never expect that my grandmother was also a collector of something that I also collected.

When my grandmother handed me her collections, I really appreciate on how she had managed on preserving and keeping those little valuables even though she was too old. She chooses me to have her spot gold coins because she has seen me how I treasured and valued my collections. I am the youngest and grandmother’s girl among the siblings.

My other older sister is also a collector of things made up of gold. When she buys something, she will make sure that everything is made up of gold. Her bags, shoes, belts, hair pins and other accessories must have at least spot of gold o it. When my sister celebrates her 18th birthday, grandmother gave her some of her gold collections of accessories. Since then she never stop collecting things which are made up of gold. Thanks to our grandmother for entrusting us her valuable collections.


Counseling Services CA said...

Nice one man i also fond of collecting valuable things i like to collect $ notes rather than coins but don't have much of it just a few its great that you have something which is given by your grandmother you will remember this bonding for life long as it is from your grandmother its more than precious for you...Keep it safe...