Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Global Financial Crisis

The business world is now starting to recover from financial crisis which all over the world has been struggling with for the past year. People learn to budget its finances in order to survive the crisis. In some ways, people would prefer to have the least expensive in some things they would buy.

Some of our family friends were forced to sell their properties in order to survive financially. It was never been a good year to business world but even though this was actually visible everyone, still people find ways to get this through. Students also have been affected by the crisis because of their parents’ financial instability status and even some have been laid off from work. This is one thing that our government should give their full attention with to come up with a better solution the soonest as possible.

Everyone really took the situation seriously and never tried to waste any of their money. Even some of the medical practitioners were also been affected by this crisis. My friend in L.A., who works as the head nurse, chooses to buy the cheap nursing scrubs and cheap scrub uniform to have lesser expenses. Even some nurses know how to maintain their financial expenses by buying the cheap scrubs uniforms, cheap medical scrubs and cheap dental uniforms.