Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Uncle’s private Golf Course

Are you fond of playing or watching outdoor sports? What particular sports you are in up to? Most people are fond of these popular ball sports like basketball, baseball, football, soccer, tennis, golf and etc. A person who used to get involved to any physical sports will never get tired when they get old. Living with a healthy and active lifestyle is very important factor to maintain a good and healthy body.

My uncle is much known of his achievements being a good man and popular lawyer in our town. He is a busy lawyer and usually spent most of his time in the office dealing and resolving legal problems of his clients. He never thought of being a busy man has a less of time to relax, time for his family and even time to exercise. On the peak of his career, he realized that the lifestyle he has been through was unhealthy. He needs to change and balance the wheel of life before it is too late.

My Uncle’s family owned a small private golf course with a little playground. Just recently he asked his colleagues to set time to play with him after work. He makes sure to have at least time to relax while doing a little of exercise. Playing golf is a way he thinks the best for him.

Tiger Woods is one of his favorite players in Golf and some how inspires him to play. My Uncle’s eldest son is very fond of gold and he used to play with him everyday. As a way of saying thanks to his father, my cousin wanted to surprise father on his birthday. He wanted his dad’s friends be there to celebrate and do some golf tournament for fun. As a preparation, he then decorates the golf course by putting some golf course signs that could add beauty to the site. Golf course signage is not just making the place beautiful but a great help to players who are not familiar with the game yet.

My cousin Bimbo got the idea of putting some golf course sign at their private golf course after watching the match in PGA tour where Tiger Woods played. Making a simple thing makes his father becomes happy on his birthday party.