Monday, May 10, 2010

Black Sand Beaches

The Canary Islands are often associated with black sand beaches, but there are few of these in Lanzarote. Despite the relatively recent volcanic eruptions in the island, Lanzarote is having a large variety of wonderful beaches. From the beautiful white golden sand of Puerto Del Carmen to the black sand of Playa Quemada, everyone will be astonished by the unique and spectacular beauty of Lanzarote beaches has.

El Golfo, home to Lanzarote´s famous Green Lagoon has two stunning black sand beaches. One lies just in front of the lagoon itself and the other is found within the village— in front of the seemingly endless row of fish restaurants. Sunset at El Golfo is a true spectacle of colours and a real experience of Lanzarote´s feeling and afterwoods most people enjoyed. Lots of professional photographer visits lanzarote to take pictures of the beautiful and intriguing black beach.

One of the small but excellent restaurants offers varieties of Tapas and fresh fish which are available for everybody to enjoy a fabulous dinner.