Thursday, May 27, 2010

Barcelona Spain

Faith has always been central to life in Barcelona and beautiful churches, chapels and cathedrals seem to be everywhere. The delights of Barcelona, Spain’s second largest city, has a mild climate and a city with Mediterranean emotions and a European attitude that has offers considerable cultural attractions a varied and vibrant nightlife and beautiful golden beaches right in the middle of the city.

First of all, make the most of your time. If you’re like most travelers today, however, time is of the essence when visiting a place. You’ll probably plan on spending just a few days in any given destination or city. Still, it’s possible to enjoy the best of Barcelona in a short period of time by having a right itinerary.

One of the things you should not miss while in Barcelona, Spain is sample the Catalonian Gastronomy. It is based on a Mediterranean diet with fresh foods from the fields and sea. A genuine Catalonian soul is that of a brilliant innovator, which is clearly visible on every street corner in Barcelona. Bread with tomato, warm rice stew, cured ham with tomato on bread, Catalonian creams, are all typical products of Catalonia´s Cuisine. Do not miss the opportunity to try out these favorite dishes!