Wednesday, September 3, 2008

It is a great day that the Lord has made!!

As I wake up this morning. All I did is just praising God for His marvelous works done in to my life for these past days. I am not physically and emotionally stable but I never stop praising His name for I know He is the source of my strength. By praising God at all times, what happens in the natural with rain, will be the same spiritually over your lives; a cloud can only hold so much condensation, so many vapors, before it releases.
In the Bible, David the psalmist said, “I will keep on hoping for You to help me. I will praise You more and more.”
And when we decide to give God praise, something powerful and supernatural happens. Peace, joy and divine favor begin to rain down over our lives. “God is good all the time,” that cloud can only hold so much before the blessings come bursting back down. When you stay full of praise, God’s blessing will begin raining down, making sure that you are always in blossom; causing you to bloom where you’re currently planted, even if you’re in a dry spell!