Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Davao's Durian Fruit

My Brother-in-law and Sister just arrived from Davao. They brought us the Stinky Smell Davao’s proudest fruit “Durian”. The Davao region has been known as the durian capital of the Philippines. According to Sun Star Davao, the region produces at least 16 varieties of durian, eleven of which are registered with the National Seed and Industry Coucil.
Durian Fruit is Famous for its odor. People’s opinion about the quality of the fruit is quite opposite. Most people especially the foreigners are commented that, “they can stand on the taste of durian fruit but not the smell. It smells like hell but it tastes like heaven.”
Durian fruit is becoming more expensive. August to October is known as the season months of durian fruit. Hopefully we could visit Davao again during the seasons.


idealpinkrose said...

i had a taste of it when i visited's really hard to bear the smell..hehehe..

have a nice weekend!

Ailecgee said...

I wonder why that smelly fruit is so pricey. Hubby brought home some from Davao when he was assigned there. Nobody liked it so he just gave it away.