Wednesday, October 15, 2014

X-ray Result

After two weeks of physical therapy my wife Sharon finally gets an x-ray.  The doctor asks her to had an LS AP/L (R/L OBL).  It is our first time experience about this kind of x-ray.   The result of test is "there is mild rightward deviation of the lumbar spine.  Mild posterior displacement of L5 over S1 is noted.  The vertebral body is normal in density, texture and modelling.  There are no signs of compression fracture, bone erosion, nor bone destruction.  The intervertebral disc spaces are well maintained.  The pedicles are intact.  The rest of the bones are normal and intact. "  According to her doctor the spinal in the lower back part has moved.  Sharon was advised to buy back support and get 5 day therapy more.  Hip pain is expected because of her spinal problem.  Hopefully the therapy and exercise will strengthen her back.