Thursday, February 27, 2014

Abdominal pain and Constipated

Lately, I had felt something good when it comes to my bowel movement.  It has been 2 years since I had encountered an issue about irregular or dry bowel movement. And just earlier this week I had noticed some changes from my usual vowel movement. I have felt lately that my stomach is getting bloated and constipated.  

This is very disturbing to my part. I am always constipated and sometimes it will take days before I will move vowel. I could feel that my stomach is not functioning well even if I drink plenty of water or eat fruits and vegetables. I am afraid what will be happening to my internal organs especially my colon.  I had tried even some therapy to help my circulation or tummy digest my food properly.

I am thankful for the improvements of my bowel movement since early this week. Even though I'm still in the process, but I could say that there are changes.   I set myself to exercise regularly to burn fats and salt stored in my body.  Hoping all my effort will result in something good and that could help my toilet habit normal.