Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter Sunday


Today it is Easter Sunday. I love to hear most people around our neighborhood, regardless the religion, are  talking about going to church.  It has been a while since I haven't gone to church because of some health problems. I really miss coming to church to sing and hear about the gospel of God. 

There are lots of families are gathering on the beach after church. This is the only time where they can enjoy the good weather at the beach after the long holidays. And to some people are now traveling back home from vacation. It is really good to spend time to relax and enjoy the holidays. It is the time where everyone can enjoy the moment having outside their usual place. 

The real essence of the holy week is the remembrance of Jesus Christ's death on the cross to redeem us sinners.  It was done ones and it is being remembered forever by the Christians. Jesus loves us all.  Happy Easter everyone!!!