Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What is LIFE?

What is life to you? Well in my younger years, life is not that good or I can say not happy. Having a broken family is really hard. I had been wondering why has to be me to suffer and experience such cruelty that life has. I guess, God knows why.

I’ve been thinking if bad things never happen to humanity, life would be perfect. Life has no challenges, no more tears to shed and sufferings by human to carry on. No more fighting, jealousy, anger, greediness, killings and more. Imagine a child who has never seen and experience bad things. Life would be better if we live in harmonious ways.

Some people would just say that life is like a wheel that sometimes it spins you on top and sometimes on below . Life is never be the same. It spins on the way that God wanted you to have. It goes down and up for a better purpose. But sometimes I would think that life is not fair. But only God knows the answer on question that life has. The question is that have you tried to know God?

Johnny Besa
World of Magnus