Saturday, June 4, 2011

Preparing for the Incoming School Year

These days, there are a lot of courses which the youngsters can choose from. But for the past few years, nursing students were dominant in every universities and colleges in the Philippines. Every time you enter a university, you will only see three types of clothing the students use: it is either PE uniforms; casual clothes, or; nursing uniforms and scrubs.

This summer, I accompanied my nephew to enroll to a university. There are a lot of smiling students and parents who are excited to their child’s new chapter of life. I also saw medical students who went to get their new uniforms from various medical uniform stores in the city. I am happy that today’s generation is still eager to improve the world we live in today. There are still a lot of students who are eager to help their family and the society we live in.

But my attention was caught by those medical students. I’m impressed by those students by refering some of the websites to get the best uniform they could get at Even my nephew was amazed. They always use their medical scrubs and uniforms every single time, even in summer.

This incoming school year, I’m pretty sure that these students who use these medical uniforms will increase. And I hope that there will still be more students who will enter the universities with big dreams and will exit with a diploma in hand. I know that this will not be impossible if the children have enough determination and perseverance.