Sunday, October 3, 2010

Teaching Kids

Now, here in the Philippines we are almost at the mid year of school 2010-2011 and the children are starting to feel hardships from their lessons. The other day our neighbor Kenneth came to me for a help on his Math lesson. After school, he used to come to see me for his regular tutoring and he sometimes used the Math problem solver of my brother. I served as Kenneth’s tutor especially that both of his parents are working and busy at their business.

Kenneth’s family is very close to us and his parents are like our relatives too. His parents bought him a Math homework help but he would rather answer his assignments with me in our house. I tried the best I could to teach him and my brother Paolo for this school year. Both of them are aspiring for an academic excellent award. My hubby is helping me also by doing some research for my practice test questioners for them. Good for us to have the latest technology in which we can find many online math homeworks help and free math help available anytime at our convenience.

Teaching kids needs time, patience, love and understanding. This is one reason why I did not take up education because I am lack of patience on teaching children. I feel like teaching kids needs full of responsibility because the success of the children depends on the teaching performance of the teachers.