Saturday, October 23, 2010

Privacy Online

One of the most popular habits of the people nowadays is online browsing and social media. A huge percentage of people that really want to learn adopt new ways of technology. Even the third world country is starting to be part in this kind of craze. A big percentage of teenagers in Asia are focus more on online gaming. Some of these games are World of Warcraft, Counter Strike, and some are found in Facebook games such as Farmtown, Mafia, Farmville, Café World and many more.

The more cyber world becomes famous to all walks of life. And to some busy people, this is a great advantage to shop online. This is the easy way to buy something without going out to shopping malls but this is also not 100 percent safe. There are some that are using online shopping that were asked their some personal details or may even reveal some bank account information in which some bad people will hack and get money from that person. You privacy online is unpredictable and you will never know if you are still keylogger free or free from any hacking device that can be use to gather your private information.

I had friends that experience being hacked by the used of key logger and because their online game account character was being hacked. I had one friend who has been hacked and this time her facebook account. We can never be sure to have a 100 percent secure online but lucky enough to have some devices that may protect your privacy from keylogger.