Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Greatest Adventure - Broken Elbow

The day when i fell down from a terrace, i thought that was my end. When i saw my friends and hubby came toward me to let me stand up, first thing came out into my mind... I am not dead yet. Yes i am not, but i felt an extreme pain over my left arm, by then we realized that my left elbow has been detached and couldn't moved my arm because of the pain. My friend looked for a help "Hilot" to render me first aid since we were to far from the hospital. It was not safe to take such risk but that was the only remedy we can do that evening to have a treatment intended to align or alleviate the injury. I am just thankful for a minor injury than a life taken that day of accident. So far so good as of this moment. I have taken pain relievers and as far as my 2nd Xray result and treatments from my physician, it turns out that my elbow is on its normal position.. Hopefully this will heal soon.


idealpinkrose said...

ouch! that could be too painful sis! but you're still lucky

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

hi sis..get well soon...take a lot of rest. God bless.