Monday, January 12, 2009

Misamis Orriental, Flash Flood - A Night to Remember

January 11, we were at the Bus terminal Iligan City 6pm waiting for an air-con bus to arrive.

After an hour of waiting we wonder why there was no bus coming at the terminal. Only a bridge in Cagayan de Oro was damage due to excessive rain causing the water flow from the river to get bigger and the current stronger. When we neared Alubijid, Misamis Oriental, the traffic started and it would take a lot of waiting before it starts moving again.

Lots of houses were affected by the flood and we saw lots of people outside their houses together with their appliances and clothes. All we can see is the roof of their houses and some who had 2 story houses staying in second floor of their houses. Lots of people in Alubijid, El Salvador, Opol and Bulua were affected.

After a few hours of waiting for our bus to move, we realized that we were stranded at Alubijid. We decided to walk through and not to wait for the bus. Most of the passenger who were stranded also decided to walk. There we realized if we did not walk we will be stranded until the next day.

All buses and private vehicles could not pass through the bridge of Opol. As we pass by Opol; there we saw the damage caused by the flood and people suffer from too much cold and the bridge were destroyed by the uncontrolled current of water. Passengers were allowed to cross the bridge but no vehicles were allowed to cross over it.

As we cross the bridge, we were blessed as buses accommodate stranded passengers and took us to Cagayan de Oro City Bus Terminal. We thought that won’t have problem after arriving at the bus terminal. Yet, again… hundred of people huddled together in groups as they waited for transportation that would take them to the city proper. So, we decided to take a walk all the way to our house. But lucky people, God sent us aid, as the first jeepney arrives to fetch stranded people from the bus- we were the first one to ride it. At exactly 11:30 we arrived at DV Soria after so many adventures? Ahh misadventures? It is for you to decide.