Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lorena Rojas as Isabel Arroyo of El Cuerpo Del Deseo diagnosed with Breast Cancer

According to People En Spañol magazine dated October 3, 2008. Actress Lorena Rojas, 36, has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. Although the news came as a shock to her, she is calm and relieved, since it was detected very early on.

"Her mammogram results came out positive. There was a small tumor, and it was confirmed that it was malignant," said the sister of Lorena, Mayra Rojas, to Televisa Espectáculos. Doctors detected a tumor in her mammogram, and although it was caught in its initial phase, she'll have to undergo vigorous treatment.
"Lorena is doing well, and she has hope. She has everyone's support, including Telemundo, which is the company she's working for now in the U.S”., said her sister, in reference to Lorena's telenovela Pecados ajenos. She will have surgery on the affected breast as soon as possible.
Lorena Rojas sent out the following press release to Latin Gossip Magazine: “The mystery of life doesn’t worry me; I fear the dark rift between ignorance and the little information that disarms anyone in the fight to defeat this illness; that is why I am in search of my shield and my spear to win this battle.”
We are sure you’re going to win this fight Ms. Lorena Rojas. We’re here praying for you. We know you’ll find your weaponry to beat this.


tjonjo said...

mabuhay,..yup..i will pray for her also...i believe if there is a will there is a way...