Friday, November 14, 2008

The Body of Desire or "El Cuerpo Del Deseo"

I'm sure you've seen many good Latin soaps, even some great ones. As for me, I am a bit sad that the telenovela that I used to watch every afternoon has come to its end. Today, is the end part the soap and though it took us long to see the whole part but its worth waiting for. Not once I felt tired of watching it vividly.
I’d never seen one that takes my breath away with its Passion scenes like El Cuerpo del Deseo does. “El Cuerpo Del Deseo” means “The Body of Desire”. The title has strong implication about the whole story itself.

Do you believe in Life’s Second Chance or Reincarnation?

Well, this is the exact happening of the soap when Pedro Jose Donoso, a wealthy old man fell in love with a gorgeous and ambitious younger woman, Isabel Arroyo. He dies suddenly, but returns to Earth through passing of a soul into another body after death or transmigration, in the body of Salvador Cerinza, a handsome and poor family man. Pedro Jose searches for everything he lost, uncovering secrets, truths and deceptions. Ultimately, he must set things straight and save those who truly loved him.