Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Travel To Bohol

My life had experienced tremendous trip ever. I never expect traveling in many places to see natural beauty of natures and to meet people in different traditions and cultures. I guess, traveling around the country and seeing its beauty is important. I had traveled around Bohol with my family. Bohol is one of the most attractive destinations in the Philippines and has three main attractions to the tourist. These are the TROPICAL FOREST, the (Tarsier) SMALLEST MONKEY in the world and CHOCOLATE HILLS.
There are possibilities for those who love sun, sea and beach lovers to enjoy snorkeling and diving in the water and beaches on surrounding small islands. We have seen some historic and old churches found in Bohol.
The family’s travel never been completed without having experienced the most relieving and romantic lunch buffet in Loboc River Floating Restaurant. Along the way, a band rendered us the Boholanon songs and we have seen children swimming and people passing by in small bancas or canoes.