Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Father Vacation

I have received a text message last week from my mother that my father will be here in Mactan International Air Port to  stay one night for connecting flight next day.   My Father Beng is 86 years old of age.  The number one problem assisting my father is he walks very slow.  When we check into the lodge he go to Casino to walk around and play a little.  After he was done playing I escort him back to the lodge.   He complains of his knee pain and back pain after a long walk to the Airport.  It was 6 pm when we arrived to the place we are staying and eat snack for a while.  I feel some shoulder pain a little because I have to assist my father all the in the transient house.  After dinner we then go back to room to rest and talk for a while before going to sleep.  I have observed that my father has a hard time sleeping.  He keeps on waking up every one hour.  After a long night of improper sleeping and its 3 am we then prepare for my father's flight at 5 am in the morning.  It is quite one of the most unforgettable bonding moment between me and my father even though it is just a short period of time.