Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Life in Philippines

Life in the Philippines I would say is not easy.  Even if you are in the middle class people getting your own house is not that easy.  Low cost housing today worth million above if you want some two bedroom house.  Pag-ibig loan is not easy too, so many requirements for Income tax to source of income.  It would be easy, if you have worked regularly for any company, but for other people who work in many BPO companies it is hard.  If you are earning 12k to 14k per month in any BPO company it is not enough to have your own house.  Tax, fare expenses and food expense make the salary smaller.  If this is harder for the middle class it would be much harder for lower class people.  You would be lucky if your mother or father has a house and lot already that you don't need to worry about the place to stay.   But for people that is dreaming to have their own house here in the Philippines. I would say it is not easy.