Sunday, April 20, 2014

Holy Week

In Christian countries like the Philippines, is observing the Lenten season avidly. Most people do prefer to spend time with their families at home to pray and reflect. There are some people who would take advantage  the long holidays in a nice and relaxing vacation travel.  Prior to the holiday break, people are thinking how do they spend time their break.  

As what I have observed, traditional folks  would never allow their kids to go out and play around during Holy Thursday and Holy Friday.  As what they believe hat if you get wounded it will take for a while to heal.  There is some as tradition, will not take a bath, clean the house and even the washing of clothes during Holy Friday. 

As beliefs and traditions, many Filipinos are still taking those traditions even part of their modern practice.  The traditional practices which people are being influenced with were being handed to us by those who colonizes the country like the Spanish people.

 There are some would love to adopt the modern rather than taking the traditional ways.  The more they would prefer to go to places that they can unwind like in Boracay or any beautiful beach.   Boracay beach in Aklan has been one of the famous not just in the Philippines but also in the whole world.