Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My First Car Crash

During my last years in college, life was so hectic preparing for projects, thesis and examinations. Being able to spend in five years to college, it gives me lesser subjects in my last remaining year. After finishing college, my father had decided to bring me to his province and meet my half brother.

In my father’s province, my brother gave me a car as a present for my graduation. He then let me took a driving lesson but I only got it for a day. I must say that I am a fast learner for it took me just hours to masters the whole driving theory. There were many things to remember but the whole driving lessons was too easy for me but I must need the constant practice on the actual driving itself.

My personal driving tutor teaches me all the possible driving routines and techniques but of course mistakes sometimes occur on to first-timers. There was one instance when I was about to turn right, the car side swept the electric post and it scratches some part of the car. And the other one was in our garage; I never realized that I was moving too fast that resulting me to bump into my brother’s personal car. My brother ‘s first reaction about what happen was mad but then he still managed to talk to me that I am lucky enough for not hurting myself and next time I must put some extra careful when driving a car.

My brother is a busy person, a successful businessman and a good person as well. He took me to his friend to buy me new a car but I insisted not to have new one. Instead, I asked him to bring the cars at to fix the damaged I have done. The damage wasn’t too big and fixing it at is a way I know I could bring back the cars good as brand new again.