Sunday, December 5, 2010

Nursing Course

One of the most in demand courses here in the Philippines nowadays is nursing. There are lots of people I have known who have taken nursing and who dreamed to have the best for living after graduation. Most of them are taking their studies too serious for they know how expensive this course is. It is really my dream to become a nurse before but because of our financial instability my parents cannot afford to send me to school taking up nursing. So then I decided to shift for another course which has leaser in expenses.

I really like to see nurses wearing in white uniforms for they represent themselves neat, clean and pure. I have been to hospital this recent month and I felt a bit happy to see nurses who have taking care of me at their complete uniforms, nursing scrubs and scrubs clothing. I was too weak when hubby confined me to the hospital that time but when I saw nurses who greeted and smiled, the whole thing they did helped paved the pain I suffered.

This second semester some of my friends celebrated their graduation. There are some of them would prefer to take the nursing board exam the soonest possible but some would prefer to have nursing review before taking the board. Nursing course is not just those snappy scrubs clothing and neat uniform but it also requires brain in order to pass.