Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Month of Thanksgiving

Eagerness for others to share in something speaks volumes of one's appreciation. Our gifts serve much the same way. When we give money, time or any material possession we are sharing with others what we are thankful for. And so our act of generosity is an offering of thanks in and of itself.

As we, the follower of Christ, we were commanded to give thanks. That command of giving thanks is on the same level as the command breath. Our gift of thanks has the potential to produce thanks also in someone else.

On the one hand, our gift itself is an expression of thanks. One of the clearest ways to express gratitude and admiration is by sharing with others. When we find a new song, a new book, or a new food that we enjoy, and are thus thankful for, we aim to share it with others.

When you are compelled to give thanks do not pass over generosity. If God blesses you with a job, an unexpected gift, or a good return on an investment, give and be generous. Your generosity has the potential to double the thanks given to God.