Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Interesting Career

My cousin is a hard working employee of American Airline for more than 7 years now as a flight stewardess. She doesn’t have vacation during holidays even during Christmas Season or Summer Season. During those seasons, the more she becomes busy for more flight schedules were given to her. Every time she is on call for a flight schedule; the company provided her a hotel for the night to stay in with at the destination place.

Being a flight stewardess, she is really a busy career woman. What makes her really interested on choosing this kind of career is that, she has the opportunity to travel anywhere around the globe. Aside from the high salary rate received; she also had given with many good benefits. Every end of the busy season, their company gave them time to relax and have their long day off.

Last week, my cousin called up and set a night out to with her to watch for a concert this August because she was given by her co-worker extra tickets for 1st Mariner Arena tickets, Merriweather Post Pavilion tickets and Comerica Park tickets. She will celebrate her birthday next week and as part of her birthday she was given tickets as present by her best-friend.

After or before the peak travel season, my cousin and co-workers are usually schedule to hanged-out together to unwind. This time they choose to watch for the Black Eyed Peas concert on the 10th of August, 2010 for the 1st Mariner arena tickets they all have. And for the Merriweaather Post Pavilion tickets and Comerica Park tickets, they were still undecided what to watch for depending on their schedules.

My cousin has the best career ever should most woman is dreaming of. Even I myself would like to become part of the airplane crew because of the good benefits, well-paid and traveling opportunity. For me traveling is an opportunity to see how wonderful the world is. This is really what makes beautiful on working an international Airline Company.