Thursday, August 27, 2009

Crowd Control

Have you been to any big events like concert, wedding, festival, fair and etc? Have you tried experiencing discomforts and fear of people might bump your ‘privates’ especially the girls in a crowd? Is the event organizer put something like barricades, stanchions and velvet ropes to have a full crowd control during the event? Those are some questions we might think when we are in a big crowd for an event.
For these past two weeks, hubby and I were busy attending many events for the upcoming Annual City Festival in our town. One of the events we attended was the Rock The Vote 2009, in which three of the country’s famous rock bands performed a mini-concert. And some of the respected politicians were also here in the said event to support the advocacy of the event and that is to encourage the new voters and non-voters to register to vote for the next year’s election. As we arrived at the venue, organizers put barricades to separate and secure the politicians, audience, press and VIP. The event turned out well-organized and successful with the help of barricades for the safety and privacy of the VIP in a crowd during the concert.
Other event we’ve been through was the Kumbira 2009 of Hotel and Restaurants Organization, the concept of the said event was the battle of chefs from different schools, hotels and restaurants by showing off their signature dishes for competition. All presenters displayed their cuisine presentation in an area provided in were the judges could make their evaluation. The organizers provided stanchions and velvet rope protect the food from being touched by the audience during the viewing time. In this event, massive of students and professionals in the city joined in this big event to show how competent they were in the culinary field. And again this event was successful enough.


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