Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sister's Shopping Experience

Nowadays, people are uncertain about spending money for shopping because of the global financial crises. Most people would prefer shopping in a store that gives huge discounts, if not during the occasional store big sales. My sister has four kids and would never go to shop without enough cash in her wallet. When she had her last baby she found it hard to shop for her baby’s needs, especially when having to bring them all four kids to the store to buy babies and toddlers products. So she found a new way that is easier, affordable and accessible, and without the extra effort to leave the house to shop for them. She managed to buy her stroller, car seat, toys and other stuffs online. Having done so she realized she had spent her money more wisely without going out to shop. She was able to save time and money for shopping something for her baby.

Sharing me this has given the idea about the easier way to buy stuffs for my future baby even without going to stores. One of my top priorities will be to the furniture I need for the nursery room (when the baby comes out). I always wanted my baby to live like a prince or princess inside his/her nursery room.

For a future mother like me, I will always be searching for something beautiful for my babies. I want my baby to live a healthy lifestyle by giving her/him activities set to enhance a baby’s mental and physical growth.