Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Commercial Cooking Graduation

It was an unexpected day for me having a graduation program as big as yesterday's. I was thinking of a simple recognition of graduates during the event. As I read the graduation program, the City Mayor and the Vice-Mayor was entrusted to render us the inspirational message, but unfortunately failed to come for some unexpected circumstances. By the absence of the Mayor and the Vice-Mayor, the program cannot be surpassed because some of the government officials ,who avidly supported the said training programs, were there to make it become successful. As a graduate, I never felt tired grasping the government skill training programs, aside from having it free, it can help me become more useful and progressive individual in a community.

With my group mates and culinary teacher

Our graduation program


gouai said...

congratulations sharon! aha man ta ani ron? hhehee. next class? baking? hmmmm